Worship Service

Sunday 9am & 10:30am

American Sign Language interpreting for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provided by request in advance.

We also have a Special Friends program to serve children with disabilities available every week. Contact Gehvyn Stream if you would like to talk thorugh your child's specific needs prior to coming.


Parking is free in the parking lot across the street and on the streets themselves.
Parking Map

What does a Sunday look like?

Our services focus on making much of the person and work of Jesus; through teaching books of the Bible (with topical teaching once in a while), worshipping who God is, celebrating baptism & communion, and periodically canceling gatherings to serve the city called Serve Sunday. We teach the Bible and have some time of musical worship.

What is expected of me?

To come and enjoy yourself. As our visitor, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns upon arriving. We station people at entrances and at the back of the auditorium to help in any way possible. Grab coffee and a snack in our cafe, and check your kids into our kids area with Kid Check.

What else might you need to know?

We use KidCheck software. It’s the safest way for your kids to check into one of our many age-specific classes. You can fill out your child’s information now to save time on Sunday morning. Register your child.

We provide coffee and fresh baked goods to munch on. Come early though! Our lease agreement doesn’t allow us to take coffee into the auditorium.

How do I find out more about Revolution22?

We offer our “Intro To Rev22 Class” every other month. This class is our chance to tell you the heart behind Revolution22 and why we do what we do.

How do I communicate needs to the staff?

We love when you fill out communication cards on Sundays. This is a great place for you to let us know how we can be praying for you. Any other questions or needs contact us.

Who leads Revolution22?

We have a team of Elders that lead Revolution22. Information on our Elders and leadership is shared in our “Intro To Rev22 Class”.

Rev22 Special Friends

Special Friends supports individuals who have a developmental need or delay (i.e. autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy). We encourage social interaction when possible with age- appropriate peers. However, we also offer a quiet and secluded sensory area to use as needed. Our main goal is to provide a safe place for children or adults with special needs, where they can be loved, learn and grow.