Bren Angelos

Bren Angelos, Pastor

Bren is our lead pastor and is responsible for leading the staff at Revolution22 and teaching on Sunday mornings! He also oversees all things pertaining to our gospel communities.
Jon Sikha

Jon Sikha, Director of Ministries

Jonathan is Rev22’s director of ministries. He manages and oversees all Sunday morning ministries!

Lindsay Wheeler, Kid's Director

Lindsay plans and coordinates all of the moving pieces involved in kid’s classrooms from birth to 5th grade, including implementing curriculum, scheduling volunteers, and managing classrooms.

Jes Olson

Jes Olson, Event Coordinator

Jes directs and manages all events at Revolution22, from picnics to owner’s meetings to basics classes and beyond!
Emily Tobin

Emily Tobin, Financial Services

Emily is our financial go to and handles all of our financial information, both giving and payable!
Whitney Leaman

Whitney Leaman, Administrative Assistant

Whitney assists all members of staff and manages communication with the church as a whole. She also helps to maintain the structure of the office.

Danny Pellegrini

Danny Pellegrini, Ministry Assistant

Danny is in charge of the prayer team at Rev22 and also works on the sermon prep team.


Cameron Lloyd, Youth Ministry Director

Cameron oversees our youth ministry.

Revolution22 Eldership
Mike Gordon, Brian Marinelli, Danny Shaffer, and Bren Angelos are the team of elders at Revolution22; and through much prayer, teaching, planning, and vision casting are responsible for the spiritual oversight and direction of the church.