What's is a Gospel Community?

Most churches call these 'small groups' or 'Bible studies'. But we don’t want ‘group’ to be just another thing you do -- so we changed the name to better reflect its purpose. We want you to intentionally live in community with the people God already has in your life (or will put in your life through a GC). We invite you to join a Gospel Community—where you will experience communion, inclusive community and mission together. If you're interested in learning more about joining a Gospel Community, email GC@revolution22.org

GC's don’t always meet every week, but they’re happening all over the valley. Our goal is that each GC finds a rhythm that allows them to implement three elements together once a month.

The Three Elements

Communion – Not the act of taking communion (although it could include this), but instead the act of being connected to the Holy Spirit. This is predominantly done through Bible study, prayer, and accountability. It's our way of focusing on our love of God as a community -- by focusing our attention on knowing and being with him. This is where we really learn how to be the disciple of Jesus we are called to be.

Inclusive Community – We’re always moving from exclusivity to inclusiveness. We ask ourselves, “How can our GC be faithful to include other people in our lives who are not a part of The Kingdom?” Have a BBQ, watch a football game, go out and bowl, watch a movie. This should be a time of connection with people in and outside the church -- a way for everyone to start to belong to the community of God.

Mission – People followed Jesus because of His blessing; his teaching confused them, but his actions blessed them. We want to be people who intentionally know the names and needs of others in our communities -- and then serve and meet those needs through service projects executed together for His glory alone.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about or in joining a Gospel Community, contact us.