Rev22 Kid’s Ministry

We believe families have the greatest influence on their children. Because of this, we wish to partner with you to build Christ-centered homes. Our prayer is to see the conversations we have in the classrooms continue on the drive home from church, at the dinner table and during devotions. We provide take-home material for ages 0 through 5th grade and send weekly recap emails to help assist you in these conversations because we deeply desire to see your family build a firm foundation built on God’s Word.

We also host Family Services quarterly in place of our main services where we worship and learn together as a church family. These services are a snapshot of our heart at Rev22 Kids where all hands are on deck to grow these children towards Christ.

We offer The Gospel Project curriculum to walk your child through the Bible one story at a time. This curriculum follows the major Bible stories, theological concepts, and call to mission from Genesis to Revelation. Through amazing lessons, your child will understand the Bible is not just a collection of stories but one unified story of redemption, through our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project focuses on gospel transformation, not behavior modification. Each week, we bring these Bible stories to life through video, music, activities and more. In three years, we will teach through the entire Bible! Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the lessons, upcoming events, baptisms and family dedications.

Nursery (0-2 years old)

Our Nursery Classroom is where your littlest ones can come and play with us while you enjoy main service. We use the Babies and Toddlers Gospel Project curriculum in this room and share weekly Bible Story Points that break down the gospel message into something they can understand. They will learn a memory verse and go through the same Bible story each week that the older classes are learning.

Juniors (3-5 years old)

Preschoolers live in a world of discovery. Each day is an opportunity to grow and learn. As they grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually, our prayer is that they also are growing spiritually. We teach your preschooler to worship God, grow in faith, serve others, and live for Jesus. We ask your child to be potty trained before moving into this room. Each week your preschooler will bring home a page with family discussion questions and truths from that week’s lesson. We invite you to continue the discussions we’ve started with them at home. For more information on how you can do this, see On the Home Front section below!

Elementary (K-5th grade)

This is a great place to make friends and have fun. But most importantly, it's a place where your child can hear about the love of Christ on a level they can understand. Whether it’s during their Large Group or Small Group time, kids are learning on an age-appropriate level how to worship God, grow in Christ-like maturity and service, and share Jesus with the world. Each week they will bring home a page with family discussion questions and truths from that week’s lesson. We invite you to continue the discussions we’ve started with them. For more information on how you can do this, see On the Home Front section below!

Rev22 Special Friends

Special Friends is a supportive ministry, working alongside the Rev22 Kids Ministry, to give guidance and support to children and teens with special needs. We define a child with “special needs” as any child with needs that hinder them or their family from freely participating in the Kids Ministry classrooms or Sunday gatherings. Your child doesn’t necessarily need a clinical diagnosis or specific disability to be part of this Ministry.

Our goal is to make every child’s time with us joyful and focused on Christ. If your child is struggling in any capacity and would benefit from a one-on-one “friend” while at Rev22, we would love to talk with you! Our goal for these kids is to help them attend their age-appropriate classrooms and take part in all our classes have to offer. Contact us to learn more about this Ministry ( Check out this video to see this Ministry in action.


To ensure the safety and security of your children, we employ the Planning Center check-ins system. You can check your child in at one of our kiosks on Sunday mornings and will need to present your portion of the check-ins sticker before we release your child from their class. Light snacks are given in our Nursery & Juniors classes. Please be sure to include any allergies your child has on their check-ins registration so that it will print on their name tag each week. We also ask that you attach a current photo of each child and guardian since this is one way we verify guardians in the event of a lost tag.


Our full-time volunteers are background-checked, trained annually and dedicated to teaching your children! Please contact Lindsay Wheeler to sign-up as a volunteer on our amazing Kids Ministry team. (

On the Home Front

Again, we want to come alongside you to share Christ with your child on a daily basis, building off of what we are teaching on Sunday mornings. Although we truly love our curriculum, the lessons and bible points are not designed to take your child through the week and beyond. Instead, we plant the seeds on Sunday morning and you get to water and care for them throughout the week. Working together, we hope to ensure your child grows up knowing the God who loves and adores them. We hope they also hear and fall in love with the greatest story ever told: the Bible. Below are some suggestions you could do at home to take what we’ve taught to a deeper level.

Journal Pages: Your Juniors and Elementary aged child will bring home journal pages they have completed each week. Keep a binder at home and review these pages with your child. Ask them what their pictures meant to them, or to tell you about the words they’ve written. One recent study indicated that journaling, even for small children, increases learning and retention significantly.

Bible Timeline at Home: Use butcher block paper or a notebook to make your own timeline at home to follow where we go throughout the Bible. Follow along by adding pictures, notes or other scrapbook items as you move through time with us!

The Gospel Project for Kids Family App: This app can be downloaded to help you reinforce each weekly lesson with your kids. It contains multiple days worth of videos, music, coloring pages, memorization games, and more. See more information here.

Big Picture Cards: Another way to reinforce the teaching at home is to collect and review the take home cards your child receives each week, highlighting the story that was taught. One idea is to have your child collect them, perhaps put them on a binder ring for easy review.

Read Your Bible: Commit to read through your bible along with us and boldly ask God to give your family inspired conversations about His Word. Create time to make these conversations happen.

Volunteer in Your Child’s Class: Your child will appreciate your presence in the classroom (so will we!). You will also have special access to online media (pictures, videos, music and more) to prepare yourself to teach your class about Jesus and at the same time, making you more effective at home with your own children! It has never been easier to help out in our class. Please contact Lindsay Wheeler ( if you’re ready to start!